Always predictable customer service!

We have developed this system to provide our customers with predictable and quality customer service at all times.
The platform is used for processing all orders within SANEL.LV online store.

Order processing made easy with 4 easy and understandable steps.

Just like everything else around us, the sales industry is constantly changing, and our online store is just the next logical step towards the modern business model, where Internet has become one of the strongest and most convenient players in the everyday shopping experience. Our goal is to make shopping on the Internet a delightful, cost-effective and, most importantly, convenient way to shop.

Step 1

New Order

Upon placing an order on our website, you receive an order confirmation via e-mail that we have received your order.

Step 2


You receive a product availability summary with available product quantities and choose a preferred option.

Step 3


We prepare and send you an order Invoice for making the payment depending on your chosen option in the previous step.

Step 4


The order is prepared for pick-up/ is sent out to your delivery address and the order is considered completed.